Deprecated, unsupported, and removed features

The features on this page are deprecated, unsupported, or removed from Starknet.


Refers to a feature or capability that is still supported, but support will be removed in a future release of Starknet. Future fixes or enhancements are unlikely. If necessary, an alternative is available.


Refers to a feature or capability that is no longer supported.


Refers to a feature or capability that has been entirely removed.

Deprecated features

Name Description

Goerli testnet

Goerli testnet is deprecated and is being replaced by Sepolia testnet. Starknet started migrating to Sepolia testnet on November 15th, 2023. Goerli testnet support will be removed April 11, 2024. You should migrate to Sepolia testnet as soon as possible. For more information on the Goerli deprecation, see the deprecation announcement on Ethereum’s site.

Full nodes, API services, SDKs, and other Starknet developer tools have started their migration to Sepolia as well. Builders are urged to migrate to Sepolia as soon as possible.

Sepolia’s state and history are relatively small. Sepolia supports declaring classes of Cairo v0 and Cairo v2.0.0 and higher.

Starknet CLI

Support for the Starknet CLI has been removed. Instead use Starkli.

Support for Starknet CLI is removed in Starknet v0.13.0.

Cairo 0

Starknet v0.11.0 introduces Cairo 1.0 smart contracts.

Unsupported and removed features

Name Description

Starknet feeder gateway

The Starknet feeder gateway, a temporary solution for querying the sequencer’s state, is being replaced by Starknet full nodes (Pathfinder, Juno, Deoxys, Papyrus) and RPC services. For more information, see Full nodes and API services.

Support for the feeder gateway queries that are not required for full nodes to synchronize on the state of Starknet will stop according to the following schedule:

Environment Date


1 November 2023


15 November 2023


19 December 2023

Queries that are required for full nodes to synchronize on the state of Starknet are still supported.

For more information, see the Community Forum post Feeder Gateway Deprecation.

Goerli testnet 2

Goerli testnet 2 is removed. Use Goerli testnet.

Free L1→ L2 messaging

Previously, sending a message from L1 to L2 had an optional fee associated.

From Starknet v0.11.0, the fee mechanism is enforced and the ability to send L1→L2 messages without the corresponding L2 fee has been removed.

See here for more details.

invoke transaction v0

invoke transaction v0 has been removed since Starknet v0.11.0.

declare transaction v0

declare transaction v0 has been removed since Starknet v0.11.0.

deploy transaction

The deploy transaction has been removed since Starknet v0.10.3.

To deploy new contract instances, you can use the deploy system call.