Pathfinder versions

Pathfinder is a StarkNet full node giving you a safe view into StarkNet.

It provides the following features:

  • Access the full StarkNet state history

  • Verifies state using Ethereum

  • Implements the StarkNet JSON-RPC API

  • Run StarkNet functions without requiring a StarkNet transaction

  • Ability to do fee estimation for transactions

See the official Pathfinder Github repository for more details.

v0.4.5 (latest)

Hotfix for a bug introduced in the previous version v0.4.4, which prevented a new node from syncing on blocks near genesis.


Added Newton FAQ links to readme


Node fails to sync old blocks

New contributors

@SecurityQQ made their first contribution in #799


This minor release contains some nice performance improvements for starknet_call and starknet_estimateFee as well as some minor bug fixes.

Also included is a major new feature: storage proofs - big thanks @pscott for his hard work on this feature! This is available via the pathfinder_getProof method which is served from both the pathfinder and StarkNet endpoints for convenience:


The method is specified here.

Its results can be used to formally verify what a contract’s storage values are without trusting the pathfinder node.

This is achieved by validating the merkle-proof that pathfinder returns and confirming that it correctly matches the known StarkNet state root.


storage proofs via pathfinder_getProof by @pscott


  • starknet_getEvents returns all events when from_block="latest"

  • v0.1 starknet_getStateUpdate does not contain nonces


  • Improved performance for starknet_call and starknet_estimateFee by caching classes

  • Improved performance for starknet_call and starknet_estimateFee by using Rust for hashing

New contributors

@pscott made their first contribution in #726


The primary purpose of this release is to properly support testnet2 after the StarkNet v0.10.3 update.

The v0.10.3 update changed the testnet2 chain ID which impacts transaction signatures which in turn meant that starknet_estimateFee would fail for any signed transaction.

This release updates pathfinder to use the correct chain ID.


  • Testnet2 and integration flags are ignored

  • starknet_estimateFee uses wrong chain ID for testnet2


Updated to cairo-lang 0.10.3


Contains several bug fixes, mostly hotfixes for bugs introduced in v0.4.1.


Document that --chain-id expects text as input


  • Testnet2 and integration L1 addresses are swapped (bug introduced in v0.4.1)

  • Proxy network setups can’t sync historical blocks (bug introduced in v0.4.1)

  • ABI serialization for starknet_estimateFee for declare transactions



  • Soft deprecation of some configuration options

  • Support custom StarkNet gateways

  • Pathfinder RPC extensions at /rpc/pathfinder/ with pathfinder_version method

  • starknet_events optimisations

  • fix block timestamp in pending calls

  • Custom StarkNet gateway support

This release introduces support for custom StarkNets. You can select this network by setting --network custom and specifying the --gateway-url and --feeder-gateway-url options.

Configuration option deprecation

Several configuration options have been soft deprecated. This means using them will continue to work as before (no breaking change), but they will emit a warning when used. They will be removed in a future version, so please migrate to the newer options.

To re-emphasize: your current configuration setup will continue to work as is.

Network selection

--testnet2 and --integration have been deprecated in favor of --network testnet2 and --network integration.

Gateway proxy

--sequencer-url has been deprecated in favor of --network custom along with --gateway-url, --feeder-gateway-url and --chain-id. In addition, you will need to rename your existing database file to custom.sqlite as this will be the expected filename for custom networks.

Configuration file

--config has been deprecated and will not be supported in the future. The utility this provided was valuable. Unfortunately it is starting to severely hinder how fast we can implement configuration changes and we decided to remove it.

We suggest using environment variables along with environment files to configure pathfinder in a similar fashion.


The following configuration options are now marked as deprecated: --testnet2, --integration, --config, --sequencer-url Optimized starknet_events for queries with both a block range and a from address


Block timestamps for pending in starknet_call and starknet_estimateFee were using the latest timestamp instead of the pending one. This meant contracts relying on accurate timestamps could sometimes fail unexpectedly.


  • Custom StarkNet support

  • Pathfinder specific RPC extensions hosted at <rpc-url>/rpc/pathfinder/v0.1. Currently, this only contains pathfinder_version which returns the pathfinder version of the node.

v0.4.0- (breaking release)

This release contains a breaking change, and also adds support for StarkNet v0.10.2.

The changes themselves are quite simple, but please read through each section as there are some caveats which might impact you when you apply this update.

Default RPC version change

This release changes the version of the RPC that is served at the root route, from v0.1 to v0.2 of the RPC specification. Version v0.1 is still available at the /rpc/v0.1/ endpoint. This is the only breaking change in this release.

Here is a summary of what routes are currently available, and what’s changed:

  • / serves v0.2 (changed from v0.1)

  • /rpc/v0.1 serves v0.1 (no change)

  • /rpc/v0.2 serves v0.2 (no change)

If possible, we recommend that you use the version specific routes as this will prevent such breaking changes from impacting you.

StarkNet v0.10.2 support

This release includes an update to the cairo-vm embedded in pathfinder in order to support the upcoming v0.10.2 StarkNet release. This bundled vm is a pre-release and may therefore contain differences to the final version used once StarkNet updates testnet and mainnet. We will of course issue a new release if / when there is a new vm.

Please take note of the following

Since these changes are not yet live on testnet nor mainnet, this means upgrading to this release will cause deviations between what pathfinder outputs and what can be expected on the network. More specifically, starknet_estimateFee will compute different fees until the network has upgraded to StarkNet v0.10.2.

If you don’t need the RPC route changes, it may be pertinent to delay updating until closer to the v0.10.2 release dates on testnet and mainnet. The expected timeline for these upgrades is ~17/11 for testnets and ~24/11 for mainnet.