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Starknet contract and sequencer addresses

Sepolia testnet replaces Goerli testnet.

Goerli testnet support is now removed.

For more information, including bridge support for Sepolia, see Starknet Goerli Deprecation in the Starknet Dev News newsletter.

Starknet on Mainnet

The Starknet Core Contract


Verifier address


Sequencer base URL for API routing

Starknet version on Sepolia testnet

The Starknet Core Contract


Verifier address


Sequencer base URL for API routing

Starknet fee tokens

The Starknet fee tokens are STRK and ETH.

Starknet voting token

The Starknet voting token is vSTRK. For information on vSTRK, see vSTRK overview on the Starknet Governance Hub.