Upcoming Starknet versions

Starknet Alpha v0.12.3

What to expect

The focus of Starknet v0.12.3 is to deprecate the Starknet feeder gateway.

The Starknet feeder gateway serves as a gateway for querying the centralized sequencer on the state of Starknet. It was meant to be used as a temporary solution until full nodes that support Starknet’s JSON-RPC mature and are able to meet the needs of the community.

Starknet now has three different full node implementations in production (Pathfinder, Juno, and Papyrus). Consequently, it is time to deprecate the feeder gateway and migrate to RPC providers.

Key dates

The feeder gateway will stop supporting most queries on the following dates:

Environment Date


1st November 2023


15th November 2023


18th December 2023

The feeder gateway will continue to support queries required for full nodes to synchronize on the state of Starknet.