Deprecated and removed features

The following features have been deprecated or removed from Starknet in recent releases.

Status Description


Feature or capability is no longer actively supported. It may still work, but future fixes or enhancements are unlikely.


Feature or capability has been removed from Starknet.

Deprecated features



Cairo version 0

StarkNet version 0.11.0 introduces Cairo 1.0 smart contracts.

Removed features



Free L1→ L2 messaging

Previously, sending a message from L1 to L2 had an optional fee associated.

From StarkNet version 0.11.0, the fee mechanism is enforced and the ability to send L1→L2 messages without the corresponding L2 fee has been removed.

See here for more details.

invoke transaction v0

invoke transaction v0 has been removed since v0.11.0.

declare transaction v0

declare transaction v0 has been removed since v0.11.0.

deploy transaction

The deploy transaction has been removed since version 0.10.3 of StarkNet.

To deploy new contract instances, you can use the deploy system call