Deploying a new account

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You can deploy a new account in the following ways:

  • Send a DEPLOY_ACCOUNT transaction. This method does not require a preexisting account.

  • Using the Universal Deployer Contract (UDC). This method requires an existing account to send the INVOKE transaction.

Upon receiving one of these transactions, the sequencer performs the following steps:

  1. Runs the respective validation function in the contract, as follows:

    • When deploying with the DEPLOY_ACCOUNT transaction type, the sequencer executes the __validate_deploy__ function in the deployed contract.

    • When deploying using the UDC, the sequencer executes the __validate__ function in the contract of the sender’s address.

  2. Executes the constructor with the given arguments.

  3. Charges fees from the new account address.

    If you use a DEPLOY_ACCOUNT transaction, the fees are paid from the address of the deployed account. If you use the UDC, which requires an INVOKE transaction, the fees are paid from the sender’s account. For information on the differences between V1 and V3 INVOKE transactions, see INVOKE transaction in Transaction types.

  4. Sets the account’s nonce as follows:

    • 1, when deployed with a DEPLOY_ACCOUNT transaction

    • 0, when deployed with the UDC

Deploying a new account with Starkli

Starkli simplifies account creation, whether you create an account as a Starknet wallet account, or using the UDC.

To create and deploy a new account, use Starkli’s starkli account command.

For more information on creating a new account as a Starknet wallet account with a DEPLOY_ACCOUNT transaction, or by using the UDC with an INVOKE transaction , see Accounts in the Starkli Book.

DEPLOY_ACCOUNT constructor restrictions

The constructor of the DEPLOY_ACCOUNT transaction has the following limitations:

  • Restricted access to sequencer_address in the get_execution_info syscall. The syscall returns zero values for sequencer_address

  • Restricted access to the following syscalls:

    • get_block_hash for Cairo contracts

    • get_sequencer_address for Cairo 0 contracts

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